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Current Operations

Operation Student Roundup: More to Come!  💓

Texas Big Harvest: Let's open our arms & hearts by working together to deliver the snacks & meals our students need to stay nourished, so they can learn & grow during this very challenging time.   Snacks & meals are education enhancement tools.   Statistics show that many students do not have adequate nutrition in Bexar County.   They go to school hungry & go home hungry.   Sadly, many students starve over weekends & holidays.   How can you help?   Please donate so we can provide snacks & meals to hungry students.   Together We Can combat student hunger!   🙏

Transformational Relationships: Research indicates that student success is predicated upon caring & supportive relationships.  It has been insightfully said that every child deserves at least one person who is crazy about him or her.   This means a child needs a cheerleader!  😍 Children do their best when they are encouraged & loved.   We are recruiting highly motivated & super positive Mentors to help us transform the lives of students at Texans Can Academy through caring & supportive relationships.   If you fit this description, please contact us @ 210.849.1737!

Transforming School Culture: A principal at a school in England got a super bright idea!  She decided that she wanted to empower students to make a positive & lasting change in their school's culture.   She did this by establishing student help desks throughout the school.  Index cards with Bible verses are readily available for help with "tough kid stuff" like bullying & sadness.  The school's culture has remarkably changed & tremendous gains have been made!  This incredible idea should be benchmarked in America's schools!   God's Word transforms!  💓

*Order The Secret Power of Speaking God's Word for Kids at joycemeyer.org/PurpleBook

Current Events

Career Resource Center: We are recruiting Top Professionals to do Career Field Briefings to inform students about career opportunities.   Please contact us today, so students can "meet" you & learn about your awesome career field.  They continue to be amazed & inspired🤩

Host-A-Box is still rolling!   Our goal is more Mission!   We do this by working together to pull in essential academic resources.   Please contact us to host a box to pack with school supplies.

Success Stories

Operation Finish Well: We met the needs of 219 students in an online & virtual format to ensure students were equipped with essential resources to finish AY 19-20 well. In the face of resource shortages, academic resources were provided to help students embrace a new learning environment amid the health concerns & social distancing imposed by the Covid-19.  We are weathering this storm together!   💓💓💓

Clothing God's Lambs was fueled with tremendous loving-kindness!  The children, precious lambs, at The Children's Shelter received $500 for desperately needed clothing & shoes during this Coronavirus pandemic.   Faithful Donors & Volunteers shared the love of Jesus Christ by meeting the practical needs of these precious lambs who have endured abuse, neglect, and trauma.   Thank you so very much!   In Matthew 25: 35 - 40, Jesus says that we "do it for Him" when we provide drink, food, clothing, shelter, lodging & ministering care to others.   ✝️💓🙏

Delivering Christmas Smiles was magnificent!  The Steven Garza State Farm Agency (Team Garza) & Team A+ collaborated again to deliver smiles to children who need brighter days.  💓  Compassionate & generous donors & volunteers raised $1,072 which brightened the Holidays, for Christmas will sparkle & shine even more with 102 smiles at Boysville & CASA!  A million thanks to Team Garza for going above & beyond to provide a Christmas filled with so much joy and love!

Operation Back-2-School AY 19-20 was a strong finish!---$6,295 purchased school supplies & school clothes & shoes for SAISD students.   It took a T-E-A-M effort for us to sprint it in & cross the finish line!   Team A+ continues to grow as family, friends and community partners join forces and share resources to make student academic success possible.  We are beyond grateful!

A+ Academic Resources Quotes for Good was a home run!   We collaborated with dynamic Steven Garza - State Farm Insurance Agent to raise funds for academic resources.   Our joint efforts resulted in $500 to provide gift cards for school clothes & gym shoes to 10 students at CASA. When nonprofits & businesses work together to make communities stronger & better, many lives are transformed!   A heartfelt thank-you goes out to Mr. Garza for his kindness & generosity.   🙏

Clear the List was a major appreciation!  With the strong support & loving-kindness of the San Antonio community, WE helped 4 Outstanding San Antonio Teachers clear their school supplies list.  Words cannot express their deepest gratitude for the school supplies!   A huge 'thank-you' to all the super talented & inspiring Teachers for the great work they do for students achieve academic excellence & attain success in school, work, and life.   Teachers teach, inspire & LOVE!  

The European Treasures Silent Auction netted $500 for Operation Finish Line.  These funds provided academic resources to Boysville students as they completed final graduation requirements.  We greatly appreciate all the crystal enthusiasts---thank you for your support! 🤩

Team A+ participated in the SAISD Run 4 Education on 2 March 2019.   We sponsored a school that has students in dire need of resources for academic success and 10 students received gym shoes.   The run was so much fun!   Zumba was fantastic!   A Texas-sized thank-you goes out to Dominick, Sebastian, and the staff at Shavano Park Academy for helping us find the best gym shoes for the students.  God has blessed us with Angels in the San Antonio community!   🙏🙏

Operation Christmas Blessing  was an incredible success!   Many thanks to all our awe-mazing donors!  The $2,950 went to the SAISD Technology Department to purchase laptops.   Students can check out the laptops from the library.   Some students do not have internet at home to do their assignments, so "internet sticks" will also be available for checkout at the library.    👍👍

The students at Boysville & CASA received $500 worth of books from Barnes & Noble for educational Christmas gifts.  The children at CASA requested books to expand their knowledge & improve their reading skills.  The children & Staff were thrilled about receiving the "wonderful" collection of classic books such as Beauty and the Beast, Charlotte's Web, To Kill a Mockingbird, Little Women & The Complete Tales of Winnie the Pooh.   A Texas-sized thank-you to Justin, Andrea & Meghan for helping us gather & load all the books!  Y'all are a major blessing!   💓

Operation Sneakers was a phenomenal success!   Thank you so much for the generous donations! We met our goal of $2,000 which allowed 56 students in dire of sneakers to receive them.  Off they go to ball on the court, run on the track & sprint like superstars!   A huge thanks to Academy for all the "hot deals" & its' super awesome Staff for their helping hands & big hearts!   🙏🙏

Operation Back-2-School AY 18-19 was all net!---$7,841 purchased school supplies & clothes for SAISD students.   The students greatly appreciated the gift cards which allowed them to buy new clothes for school.   The students & teachers loved the clear backpacks from Academy!   🤩

Community Partnerships

Boysville - A Texas Home for Boys & Girls

A+ Academic Resources has joined hands with Boysville to ensure the children have school supplies & tutors for academic achievement.  Boysville has received $3,376 in gift cards for back to school shopping & $8,809  worth of educational resources for children.  Boysville has many volunteer opportunities to positively impact children.  Please check out boysvilletexas.org to see all the awesomeness going on!   

POC: Beth Green - Chief Development Officer @ 210.659.1901

Child Advocates San Antonio (CASA)

A+ Academic Resources has partnered with CASA to provide school supplies & deliver smiles to 

foster youth who need consistent love & care.   CASA has received $3,200 in gift cards for back to school shopping & $4,700 in academic resources such as books & bookbags.  To learn about the great things CASA is doing for our amazing kids & how you can become a Child Advocate who 

makes an extraordinary difference in the lives of vulnerable children, please visit casa-satx.org.

POC: Blair Ortmann - VP of Development @ 210.225.7070

San Antonio Independent School District (SAISD)

A+ Academic Resources has formed an educational partnership with SAISD to benefit students in San Antonio's urban core, 53,000+ students & 90+ schools.   San Antonio students have received $15,880 worth of academic resources.   Our monthly gift to SAISD provides academic resources such as books to enrich the educational experience for students.  Also, we will provide Mentors & Tutors to help students reach their educational goals for academic success.    👍👍

POC: Judy Geelhoed - Executive Director @ 210.554.2235

Texans Can Academy - San Antonio

A+ Academic Resources has linked with Texans Can Academy (TCA) to ensure high school students receive the best shot at academic success, so they can become impactful adults.  TCA students have received $3,286 educational support.  Some of the programs & services that we are gladly providing are career counseling, mentoring & snacks and meals.  Team A+ looks forward to helping the super bright students at TCA graduate as thinkers & achieve their dreams!   🤩

POC: Dr. Emilio Castro - College, Career & Military Readiness @ 469.258.7136

The Children's Shelter

A+ Academic Resources has become "a member of the family" at The Children's Shelter.   Our

aim is to share the love of Jesus Christ by meeting the practical needs of disadvantaged youth who we fondly call precious lambs.   In fact, The Children's Shelter logo depicts lambs.  💓

They have received $1,189 to get essential clothing & shoes during the COVID-19 pandemic.   🙏

We will instill hope & brighten the days of children who have suffered abuse, neglect & trauma.

POC: India Chumney - Chief Development Officer @ 210.212.2500

Environmental Sustainability Practices

A+ Academic Resources is joining the list of nonprofits that help keep Texas beautiful through the Adopt-A-Highway anti-litter campaign, Don't Mess With Texas.