Like a diamond, the beauty & brilliance of every student is magnificent! -Team A+

"Students are not adultsThey need help with time management, study skills, prioritizing tasks, social skills, character development, etc.   Instead of assuming immaturity or irresponsibility, assume they need help." - Brad Weinstein


Mentoring is a development strategy that is used to help a child navigate a successful path from childhood to adulthood.   A caring and supportive individual works with a child to build a relationship by sharing knowledge and experience and offering advice, guidance, and encouragement to cultivate positive and healthy development 

(Auzine & Singh, 2019). 

Mentoring is such a powerful force for bringing out the best in people,

so they can be their personal and professional best. - Adriene R. Walker


Team A+

We love helping you succeed!

Tijuana M. Odom, MA/MSW

USAF Veteran

Educational Consulting &

Counseling Services

As a seasoned Guidance Counselor & Educator, I can help you select academic courses & programs that align with school requirements & your skills and interests.  I will provide counseling, writing reviews, and coach & mentor you for academic success.   Contact me to crush goals & achieve dreams!

[email protected]

Janine M. Edwards, BA/MBA

USAF Veteran

Test Taking Strategies & 

Tutoring Services

As an Educator who is a skilled Test Psychologist, I can help you overcome test anxiety and learn test taking strategies to improve your test scores.   Additionally, I will find the right tutor for you.  Don't stay stuck! Contact me, so I can teach you how to ace tests and score high on school assignments.

j[email protected]

Adriene R. Walker, MA/MSM

USAF Veteran

College & 

Career Track

As an Academic Advisor & Career Counselor, I can help you with College & Military opportunities and inform you about the qualifications for entry. Additionally, I will coordinate Base/Post tours, so you can have a tangible experience of the Military lifestyle.

Contact me for winning resumes/A+ papers!

[email protected]



Executive Chef Sonya Dorsey

Saucy Sonya's Spices & Sauces

Meet Executive Chef Sonya Dorsey, BS, AA: Chef Dorsey is a Woman of God, Servant Leader, Wife, Businesswoman & Executive Chef.  She is a proud distinguished graduate of Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Dallas, TX.  Chef Dorsey also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Physiology (Honor Graduate) from Hampton, University.   As such, she has the knowledge of how the body works & what foods are required for optimum performance.   Healthy food is her specialty.   Culinary brilliance is what she does. Chef Dorsey's passion for the Culinary Arts profession is quite evident in the scrumptious masterpieces she creates for her customers.   Chef Dorsey learned farming & butcher techniques from her beloved Granddaddy who recognized her extraordinary gifts & talents.   She started cooking at the tender age of five years old.   Her family owned several restaurants in Louisiana, so the love of all things culinary is in her blood.   She was inspired to learn healthy cooking techniques beacuse many members of her family suffer from obesity & health issues.   In Chef Dorsey's words: "My husband and I Chef Keith Dorsey own Saucy Sonya's Spices and Sauces, we provide amazing spices and seasonings, specializing in no salt, Non-GMO, No-MSG, all natural seasonings, guaranteed to make any meal delicious."  Chef Dorsey's tremendous passion for cooking will greatly inspire you to chase your dreams & be the creative genious  you were born to be!



Meet Dr. Mark Moran, M.D.: He is a Physician who is committed to delivering personalized care to help improve patients’ quality of life by providing excellence in medical and surgical care.  Dr. Moran's informative briefing and sage advice will assure you that Medical School is well worth the investment!   


Meet Mrs. Aileen Ybarra Noll, MS: She is a Wife, Mother, Daughter, Nurse & Veteran.  She is an ER Nurse & Nursing Instructor at University of the Incarnate Word. Nurse Noll is a former Medic in the USAF & School Nurse at NISD.  Her passion for Nursing is evident in the loving-care she gives to patients! 










Meet Mrs. Elisha Brown, MS: She is a Christian Leader, Wife, Mother, Engineer, Model & Psalmist.   Mrs. Brown will encourage you to pursue your dreams by believing in yourself, overcoming challenges & staying focused on your goals.   Her inspiring story of "Persevering into Electrical Engineering" will inspire you! 








Meet Dr. Imelda De Hoyos-Aguilar, Ph.D.: Dr. Aguilar is a Wife, Mother, & Personnel Research Psychologist.  Dr. Aguilar has spent her entire career working for the USAF in Psychology & Research specialties, so she has a tremendous amount of expertise & experience to guide you in your college & career path.  Dr. Aguilar’s remarkable success story will capture your attention, hold your heart, and propel you to greatness!








Meet Dr. Beenne Anglin, Ph.D.: Dr. Anglin is a College Professor who loves teaching & learning.  She moved to the U.S. when she was 5 years old, so she was an ESL student.   Her determination to master English & succeed in college and a career that she is passionate about will greatly encourage you to dream big!








Meet Jeffrone Thompson, CPA, BA: Mrs. Thompson is a Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Great Grandmother, Mentor, Role Model, & veteran top Accountant.   She has developed a gold standard  presentation that will greatly inform you about Accounting principles & motivate you to consider a lucrative & rewarding career in the #1 sought after career in 2020!---ACCOUNTING!




Meet Mr. Steven R. Garza: He is a State Farm Insurance Agent.  Mr. Garza is very professional & knowledgeable about the Insurance industry.  He works hard to earn & keep customers by building relationships based on honesty & integrity.  Mr. Garza’s strong work ethic & motivation to win will W-O-W you! 






Meet Mrs. Daisy Enoh Avey, MBA: She is a business owner & Photographer.  Mrs. Avey’s exciting & rewarding career as an International Wedding Planner takes her worldwide to create beautiful wedding memories! You will learn a lot about Photography & be so inspired by her fantastic presentation!


She Never Forgot Where She Came From

Meet Helen D. Noel, CMSgt (retired) USAF, MS, BS, AS (Distinguished Graduate): Chief Noel is a Woman of God, Christian Leader, Wife, Mother, Mentor, Role Model, Published Author (7 Days in the Fire), Educator, Speaker & Presenter, and Outstanding Airman.   Although she attained the highest enlisted rank of Chief Master Sergeant and received numerous decorations and awards such as the Very Important Patriot Award  and Outstanding Family Support Individual Award, Chief Noel never forgot where she came from, her small beginnings in the outskirts of Cleveland, Ohio.  Despite being dealt severe blows such as the death of her beloved Mother and experiencing sexual trauma in her late teens, Chief Noel's tremendous faith in God was the driving force that allowed her to overcome tough challenges and do amazing things!   Her real life story of triumph in the face of adversity will greatly inspire you and encourage you to look up and not look down as you travel this journey called life.   Chief Noel tells you to Aim High because she sees a Chief in you!

Biography: CMSgt Retired Helen D. Noel 

Background Story

The God-inspired book - 7 Days in the Fire

Contact Information: [email protected]


"Inspire Before You Expire"

Meet Faye Shaw Jenkins, MSG (retired) USA, BS (Honor Graduate).   She is a Woman of God, Christian Leader, Pastor, First Lady, Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Mentor, Role Model, Mary Kay Senior Sales Director, and Outstanding Soldier.  Pastor Faye was a Soldier in the United States Army.   She served faithfully and honorably.  Today, Pastor Faye is a Solder in God's Army.  She is well-known for the selfless acts of love and kindness that she does from Alabama to North Carolina to Texas---Bootprints everywhere!   Pastor Faye's daily mantra is "Inspire Before You Expire".   Although she is a very accomplished leader with numerous awards and decorations, Pastor Faye is not the one to rest on her laurels.   She can be found on any given day doing what she loves the most---sharing the love of Jesus Christ by meeting the practical needs of people in her church & community.  What is most impressive about "Fabulous Faye" is she has overcome poverty, domestic violence & sexual assault to become a Rose who cultivates other roses who lack the water, sunshine & care they need to grow & blossom.    Pastor Faye is Soldier who shines & inspires.   She will greatly motivate you to Inspire Before You Expire!


Leading By Example

More to come...


She Continues To Make An Extraordinary Difference

By, Adriene R. Walker, A+ Academic Resources, May 2020


Can you swim? The best way to learn something is by having first hand experience with the thing or concept that one wants to learn.  A great way to find out what something is all about is to ask a person who has experienced the thing you what to be enlightened about. Adriene R. Walker, CEO A+ Academic Resources, worked for a Coast Guard Officer when she was a Staff Sergeant in the Air Force at Air Combat Command (ACC), ACC Quality & Management Innovation Squadron. Her name is Sharon D. Doggett, Chief Warrant Officer 4 (retired) USCG & Government Service - GS 13 (retired).  The "thought-provoking" questions from the candid interview about what the career of a Coast Guardsman entails will greatly enlighten you.

1) Why did you choose a career in the Coast Guard instead of the other branches of the military?

"I went to the Air Force recruiter first and the appointment conflicted with the recruiter's schedule.  I, then, went to the Coast Guard recruiter's office which was probably next door.  Also, my brother was in the Coast Guard for four years so I was a little familiar with the Coast Guard." - Sharon D. Doggett

2) What was the driving factor in your decision to join as an Officer vice Enlisted member?

3) Were you Active Duty, Guard, Reserve, or a combination of those?

4) What was your job and how do job and base assignments happen in the Coast Guard?

5) Were you passionate about the job you performed as a Coast Guardsman? 

6) How important is passion when it comes to job performance?


7) How does one balance working as a Guardsman and Government Service Employee?

8) Is swimming ability overrated in the Coast Guard?

9) What are some of the challenges or obstacles you overcame in your career?

10) Do you believe in the win or lose concept, or do you believe in the succeed or learn concept when it comes to reaching our goals? Please explain your rationale and provide concrete examples. 

11) What are your lessons learned that would help students make better career decisions?


More to come


A Story of Personal Bravery

By, Adriene R. Walker, A+ Academic Resources, May 2020

What is a Marine?  The best way to learn about a Marine is to talk to a Marine.   A Marine will share their stories of service and sacrifice for something far greater than self, for God and country  mean something to a Marine.  A Marine will teach you what it means to give your best or nothing at all.  Adriene R. Walker, CEO A+ Academic Resources, has talked with a man who has defied the odds to become a Marine.  His name is Jonathan R. Newell, Lieutenant Colonel (retired), USMC, MS, MBA (4.0 GPA).

He is a Man of God, Christian Leader, Husband, Father, Mentor, Role Model, and Outstanding Marine with a bulletproof record of significant Mission impact.

His remarkable real life story of victory in the war of everyday life will greatly motivate you to fight when every muscle in your body says quit.   A Marine never quits. A Marine is strong and courageous. A Marine finds a way to succeed.  Lt Col Newell is an incredible success.  "Proud Marine Mom" is indelibly engraved on his Mother's heart.   Lt Col Newell's epic story of personal bravery will truly inspire you to reach for greatness.   

More To Come...


With 150+ jobs in the Army, you’re sure to find one that’s right for you!

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Army Active Duty & Army Reserve: 


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With 200+ career options, you can

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"Find A Recruiter" is available on the Air Force website based on zip codes. 

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 Please click the learn more tab to discover all the fantastic career opportunities!   A "Contact A Marine" option is provided for you to connect with a Marine to have a real conversation about what it means to be a Marine and the steps you take to become a Marine.

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Forged by the Sea

Choose your Navy journey by exploring adventurous careers at the learn more tab below!   Navy Seal Careers, Law Enforcement /Security Careers, Medical Support Careers,  Navy Diver Careers, Business Management Careers, Flight Support Careers,  Aviation Rescue Swimmer Career, and more!  "Find Your Navy Recruiter" is available by zip code on the Navy's website.

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Semper Paratus

If you have what it takes to save lives, bust drug traffickers or track and catch polluters, you're ready for a job in the Coast Guard!  The  phenomenal careers  entail protecting America's economic, national and border security.

Get the details at the learn more tab below.   District & Regional Command Center contact information is available on the Coast Guard's website.

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Guardians of the High Frontier

Explore exciting careers and find your purpose by taking a personal career assessment or selecting areas that interest you at the following website:

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