Today, I invite you to be a Hero in the lives of children who need academic resources. Let's join hands and work together to best meet their needs.  Your support can make a life-changing difference for the children who need it the most.  One of our incredibly insightful elementary school students aptly and lovingly states this: "Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes can change ur life"-Yes!

At the 2019 Run 4 Education, an elementary school student stopped by our

booth to say 'thank you' for the sneakers we gave her for gym class. We joyously 

told her that she is so very welcome!  What happened next brought tears to 

my eyes.  She asked us, "Do I have to give them back?".   I had to conceal my 

tears and let Janine explain our giving philosophy.  The sneakers are for keeps!  

With your help, we can put more sneakers on the feet of very deserving students.

We get things done through relationships. A billion thanks and hugs go out to all the "Awe-mazing" donors and volunteers who enrich the lives of children by meeting their educational needs as you give your time, talents, gifts, and hearts. You instill hope.  You are greatly appreciated, valued, and loved! - Adriene 

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Precious Babies

"These two precious babies are two of four siblings who were removed from their home and adopted last year. Their advocates were a married couple who worked the case together to provide constancy for the children throughout their entire time in foster care." - Blair D. Ortmann, VP of Development, CASA

The kind & generous donations you provide allow the Advocates to go shopping for clothes & shoes for the children in foster care.   Typically, they arrive with one trash bag filled with all their belongings.  Because of your loving heart, these precious babies are clothed with loving-kindness.   

- Adriene

"We deeply appreciate your commitment!  Thank you for being our hero!"

- Marina J. Gonzales, J.D., CEO, CASA

CASA 2019 Gallery of Hope πŸ’—

Students Need Our Help to Champion Online Learning

"Over 90% of SAISD students live in poverty. The Digital Divide needs to be closed for remote learning to be successful for ALL learners. This is a way for you and others to help in that effort! We'll be sharing an amazon wish list for school supplies for students as well, for those who want to help in any way they can!" 

"Introducing the #ConnectCampaign New funds raised will be used to support the purchase of critical devices and internet accessibility for SAISD students while school closures continue. Join us in this effort and click the donate button here or on our main page! #SAISDFoundationImpact" 

β€œFor as little as $25, you can bring access to learning for one student. A $75 donation allows access to learning for three students. $250 allows for access to learning for 10 students. For a $500 donation you can help bring access to learning for 20 students, that is one classroom. Your donation means more than ever, we hope we can count on you during this time!” – SAISD Foundation 

"Your continued support of the students in SAISD is greatly appreciated.  Your gift will help close the digital divide and further the success of our students". 

- SAISD Foundation

A Texas size 'thank-you' goes out to our compassionate & generous donors who have given $1,250 for the Connect Campaign.  - Adriene

A Wise Teacher Makes Learning A Joy 

- Proverbs 15:2

"Best Teacher Ever"

COVID-19 Did Not Stop 

Teaching & Learning

"Ms. Edwards, Thank you for being such a great teacher this year! - Love, Logan Wallace".   πŸ’—

COVID-19 drove our Teachers to find creative ways to keep students engaged and learning.  Student academic success is nonnegotiable!   🀩

Sweet Rewards

What a super sweet way to say 'thank you' from the heart!  These cookies right here!!!   Logan, thank you so much for this delicious and delightful gift for Ms. Edwards!   We truly appreciate the "share size" box!    πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

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Arnold in SAISD K-Classroom

Thank you so much Arnold for drawing this awe-mazing pictu​re of you using the manipulatives that our kind & generous donors place in schools & into the hands of students, so they can learn & grow!   

Manipulatives are strategically designed objects that allow students to learn concepts through developmentally appropriate hands-on experience.  For example, a student can perceive some mathematical concept by manipulating it.

β€œYour generosity makes opportunities like this possible – thank you!” - SAISD

We greatly appreciate all of the  donors & volunteers who give their time, talents, and gifts to make the lives of these precious lambs better & their future brighter!  God bless you for sharing your heart!

- Team A+

Clear the List

Teachers called on the San Antonio community to help them clear their classroom school supplies list.    A+ Academic Resources (Team A+) was able to answer the call because of the loving-kindness the people of San Antonio share each day.   We champion Love!   The super creative students in Mrs. B's Art class are showcasing the theme for their Art class this year---Love!    Their sketchbooks were purchased with your generous donations.    Please read what the outstanding Mrs. B has to say about your generosity:

"My 1st class of 5th graders are super thrilled they each got a sketchbook to use the entire year & keep thereafter. Special gratitude to @adrienerwalker for her kind donation of 50 sketchbooks, which helps 2 classes of 5th graders!"

"I want to publicly thank @adrienerwalker for her donation of a class set of sketchbooks for my 5th graders. She is an inspiration w/ her positivity & outlook on life. I loved being able to meet Ms. Walker in person. I will remember the words she gave me: integrity & excellence."

Thank you very much Mrs. B for inviting Team A+ to visit your superb classroom!  It was a real pleasure to meet you!   Your extraordinary passion for teaching and learning is epic and honorable!   Most importantly, thank you for teaching your students the greatest lesson of all---Love! 

According to 1 John 4:12, when we walk in Love, God is present.   

Steven Garza - State Farm Agent reached out to A+ Academic Resources to find out how he can make a difference in the San Antonio community.   Steven knows that businesses & nonprofits can have a significant impact by collaborating on a shared mission.   Our teamwork resulted in $500 which purchased gift cards for school clothes & shoes for students at CASA.   The blue box is filled with gift cards & the chocolate that the "chocolate monster" did not eat!   Many thanks to Steven for making this joint operation possible,  Janna, the CASA Brand Manger for taking the great photo & Christina, the CASA Community Relations Manager, (pictured right) for the wonderful tour of the awe-mazing new CASA building!

Steven Garza - State Farm Agent & A+ Academic Resources Quotes for Good

2019 Innovative Grant for Gonzales ECEC

"Congratulations and thank you to Mrs. Olguin for being awarded the Innovative Grant for our campus to have Sensory Paths for our students! Ms. Wright, Mrs. Saavedra and Mrs. Cabido were part of the team for the grant. Thank you SAISD Foundation and A+ Academic Resources for the funding!"

Ready To Learn

Academic resources are mandatory for student academic success.  A student can go to school and learn when he or she has the educational tools readily available to meet opportunities for success. Together we can, set students up for success in school, career, and life. Wynter Snow is ready to learn!

"Education is the most powerful weapon

you can use to change the world" 

- Nelson Mandela